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Spotify Growth Guide

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Great music alone is not the ticket to success. With millions of records releasing every week its hard to stand out. Any serious artist would eventually figure out that Spotify has an amazing algorithm. If you have confidence in your music, its worth putting in time and effort to reach a wider audience.

*This E-book is included as a free bonus in the Songwriter Bundle. 

Did you know that landing even one big Spotify playlist placement can boost your streams exponentially?

How come some artists are pushed by the algorithm while others aren't? What kind of release schedule is ideal?

If you're looking for ways to grow your streams and build a massive fan base on Spotify, the Spotify Growth Guide will prove to be an amazing asset providing you with all the necessary information to help you succeed. 

Be mindful of the fact that there is no shortcut to success. This guide is like a roadmap. If you just read it and don't take action, nothing is going to happen. 

If you're music is great and you follow all the growth methods suggested in this guide, you are bound to see amazing results.