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7 Tips To Being Successful In The Music Industry

Being successful in the music industry comes down to maintaining consistency, networking, dedication and patience, apart from making great music. Through this post you will discover 7 essential tips to being successful in the modern music industry.  

Rule #1 - You Are Your Brand 

If you're treating yourself just as an artist, it doesn't work anymore because you end up hoping that someone else will do everything for you, like sign you, develop you as an artist, get the recording to sound good, help you with marketing, promotion, songwriting, etc. Of course you could hire a manager to do many of these things for you, but in the initial stages of your career you may not even be ready to have one. In fact once you start getting a taste of being successful, competent managers will start approaching you and by then you will probably know how to make the best of all the opportunities coming your way. 

Rule #2 – You Are A Content Creator

Don’t stop at creating music. Have good presence online and be active on social media. Even if you’re not used to it, work on music videos, interviews, etc. and create and share lots of content such as behind the scenes pictures, videos and discussions. Make people feel like they know you. That is the one biggest secret that can help you get loyal fans. Once you have fans like that, they will promote your music without you having to tell them to. They will push you up and take you to the next level of your career. 

Rule #3 – You Need To Get It Out 

Don’t wait for your song to sound perfect. The perfectionism mindset cripples your progress. Create deadlines for yourself and do your best within the time you give yourself. Be accountable and take your deadlines seriously. Get your music out there and release consistently to propel your career forward. Consistency is key and this is what really helps in steady growth. Even if you became an overnight sensation, people have ashort attention span so if you don't keep giving them new stuff you will be forgotten in the sea of thousands of other successful artists.  

RULE #4 – Market Yourself To Be Seen

People have to know you to like your music enough to buy it. With social media you have the ability to show people what you're really like and get a sneak peak into your life. This makes people feel like they know you and they vibe with your personality and music tend to become the most loyal fans. If you don't market yourself you are leaving things to chance and things m,ay or may not happen when you go that route. Therefore have a strong marketing strategy to make sure your message and your music reaches the right people. 

RULE #5 – Be Magnetic And Serve People 

Have a mind-set of helping people and giving them something rather than taking from them. When you help people, they feel grateful and that makes them feel like supporting you. No one needs to buy your music or your merchandise. If they love you as a person or feel like you helped them in some way or made them feel good or they got inspired by your personality, they may decide to support you and buy from you. Always put your audience first and watch the magic happen.  

RULE #6 – Stop Waiting For Inspiration

Create tangible deadlines that other people know about and force you to work on your music every day. Be accountable for the deadlines you set. In today's fast paced life there is no time to wait for inspiration to strike. The sheer volume of songs and social media content being released everyday gives a good estimate of how much content is needed to engage an audience. So don't wait for inspiration, work on your music daily and release new music consistently while filling the gaps between releases with other social media content! 

RULE #7 – Consume Great Music

Keep listening to the music being put out by others. Get influenced by various artists and then come out with your style. This is so important to make sure you know what's going on and stay up to date with the latest trends whilst crafting your own music and developing your own unique style. Even if lots of artists consume the same music they may come up with totally different styles of music based on the way they perceive music, their perspective and what they subconsciously liked in other people's music. Be wary of the fact that if you listen to only one artist you may fall into the trap of sounding too similar top that artist, so instead it can be better to listen to a wide variety of artists because that is what eventually helps mould your own style. 

Hope you found the post useful. Check out for more info and music production resources like sample packs, sound banks and templates to take your productions to the next level!