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How To Grow On Spotify And Get Heard

Getting your music heard can be hard if you don't know how the Spotify algorithm works and how to make playlist curators place your music in their playlist to give your songs the reach they deserve. That's why we wrote this post to help you figure it all out and start promoting your music. 

Spotify Release Strategy

  • Release Singles, not Albums because people need to be constantly reminded about you and feel like you're releasing music often.
  • Submit every song 4-8 weeks in advance for consideration in Spotify Editorial Playlists to ensure that it gives the Spotify editors enough time to check out your track and see if it fits any of their playlists.
  • Make Merchandise based on the Artwork, Artwork based on the song.
  • Make a behind the scenes video, music video or lyric video to promote your Spotify.The more content you create around your song, the more chances of people listening to your song. 
  • Release almost all songs of the Album as singles before releasing the Album. In earlier days this was not necessary but now this strategy works best. 
  • Frequency of the release should be once every 30-45 days in order to trigger the Spotify algorithm and make Spotify promote your music organically via their algorithmic playlists.
  • For every song make Acoustic Version, an Instrumental Version, a Remix and an Unplugged Version of a song.
  • Consistency and Planning is Key.
  • Even Remixes can be sent to Editorial Playlists.
  • Release Instrumentals too.
  • Drive traffic to Spotify
  • The best way to drive huge traffic to Spotify is through Radio.

Post from Spotify To IG Stories

  • To share a Spotify song link on Instagram stories, find the song on Spotify, click the 3 dots which brings the menu where the last option says ‘ SHARE ‘ Then share to Instagram stories.
  • Keep posting your songs via Instagram stories to keep people in touch with your music, old and new.

Use Spotify Insights

  • After a bit of popularity, you can see the number of streamers, loyalists and regulars.
  • Use the Demographic data of age, gender and location for targeting with Facebook, Instagram Ads and Touring.
  • Make sure your most popular songs have music videos.
  • Who else they listen to similar Artists show what else they hear, so you can market to fans of those artists.

Artist Pick

  • Highlight songs and playlists using the Artists Pick Tool. This features a playlist for 14 days. (Expires in 14 days)
  • Make a playlist of all your songs, To do this, click on Artist’s Picture -> Edit Profile -> Edit -> Remove and add a playlist like 'your name's' Greatest Hits / Best of 'your name's' music, etc. and add an image on top of it.

Create & Promote Your Own Spotify Playlists

  • Make a playlist of your songs and promote it with Facebook Ads.
  • Example : Listen to the Spotify playlist I created with all the songs I have composed : < Link of Playlist >
  • This will grow the followers of your own playlist.
  • Sign Up with Indie Mono, make people follow you in exchange for curating a playlist.
  • Unless you try you will never know. Some Celebrities have big playlists and might like your music if it impacts them.

Contact Playlist Curators

  • Go to Spotify, in the search bar, type the Genre,
    Example: Trap, Country, Electronic , etc. See all.
  • Visit the profiles on Spotify and look them up on Facebook / Instagram / Any other platform.
  • Message them. 
    Example: Hey __ , I have been following your playlist. I’m an upcoming Artist and think my music might be a good fit, etc.. It would be awesome if you could check it out.
  • Another route is to find Artists similar to you, with similar kind of music and see what playlists they are on and then approach curators of those playlists via their social media pages. 
  • You can also check out chartmetric.com and find playlist curators there or submit your music via submithub.com. Searching for playlist curators can be time consuming but it is an easy way to proactively share your music with people that listen to similar music and might like your music and end up being your fans.