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How To Create A Tech House Bass Sound In Xfer Serum

Are you wondering how to create a tech house bass sound in Serum? It's really simple. Just follow the 10 steps listed below or watch the video and you will end up with an amazing tech house sub bass preset.

1. Create a new instance of Serum.

2. On Oscillator A load up square wave from the basic shapes (you can find this within the analog waveforms list.) On Oscillator B load up a saw wave from the basic shapes. 

3. Turn down oscillator A by 2 octaves and turn down oscillator B by 1 octave. Turn down the random phase knob to zero on both oscillators. For Oscillator A you can leave it on the default phase of 180 degrees and for oscillator B you can increase the phase to about 210 degrees.

4. Next, switch on the filter and select MG low 24. Reduce the cutoff to about 140 Hz. Turn up the drive and fatness to about 40% and reduce the resonance to zero. 

5. Turn on 'mono' and legato' in the voicing section which you can see at the bottom right. Switch on portamento and set the portamento time to about 70 ms.

6. On envelope 2, reduce the decay to about 200 ms and reduce the sustain to zero. Map envelope 2 to the filter cutoff and reduce the amount to about 5%. Also map envelope 2 to the filter resonance and then reduce the amount to about 10%

7. Next, head over to the FX section and add some distortion. Choose tape saturation and then set the filter to post and reduce the resonance. Turn up the drive to about 60% or wherever it feels right.

8. To add some low mid weight you can add an EQ and create a mid bump at about 400 Hz. To make the sound more gritty you can add some presence by adding the higher frequencies.

9. Finally add a compressor and increase the gain by about 3-4 Db. Reduce the threshold until you see about 5-6 Db of gain reduction.

10. That's it. Hope you like the final sound!