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How To Create A Brass Pluck Sound In Xfer Serum

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to create a Synth Brass Pluck in Serum.
The video tutorial is accompanied by a step by step guide so it's easy for you to follow along and create it yourself. 

Step By Step Guide:

1. Open a new instance of serum

2. On oscillator A select the Hypa waveform from the digital waveforms list and on oscillator B select Analog BD Sine from the analog waveforms list.

3. Most of the shaping of the sound will come from LFO 1, so we are going to be using it as an envelope. So let's set it to envelope mode and then shape it a little bit so that it faces downwards with a curve and then map it on to the warp position of oscillators A and B and the level of oscillator A.

4. Now, both the warp settings can be set to pulse width modulation, where on the oscillator B the amount can come down drastically to maybe around 25-30 and the oscillator level can come down entirely with the LFO doing most of the work.

6. And on the actual envelope of the synth on envelope one increase the attack to about 15-20 ms, reduce the decay to around 700-800 ms, reduce the sustain completely and increase release upto 250 ms.

7. Get into the filter, switch on oscillator B and increase the cutoff to modify the amount of highs in the sound.

8. Next, get into the effects tab, switch on the delay. The left one could be around 1/16th, the right could be around 1/8th, you can switch them based on how you like it. Next, use the filters to make sure it doesn't start clashing too much and decrease the mix level a little bit.

9. Next, apply some reverb. Make sure you remove most of the low, muddy low end and reduce the mix a little bit. Then add a compressor after that. The compressor is just to tame the sound a little bit and it also brings up the delay and reverb to make the sound a little more wet.

10. Finally, use an Eq with a bell curve to remove some of the muddy low end and boost the highs just a touch.

11. If you want the sound to be a little brighter just open the filter cutoff on the synth tab. If you want to make it a little more wet just increase the mix levels slightly on the reverb and the delays. You can also increase the compressor gain just a touch to give it a little boost to the sound and there, you have it!

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If you would like to download some pop serum presets click here. Hope you found the post useful. Thanks for checking it out. Have a great day!