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How To Create A Big Room House Lead In Serum 

Here's a video tutorial on how to create a Big Room House Lead in Serum. Big room house is a sub-genre of electro house and gained popularity after artists like KSHMR, Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Nicky Romero began implementing it in their style. 

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Step by step guide:

1. Open a new instance of Serum
2. Keep Oscillator A on its default waveform. Switch on oscillator B, set the waveform to basic shapes and keep it on sine.
3. Reduce the octave of both these oscillators by 2 so both are at -2
4. Switch on the noise oscillator and set it to bright white which is in the analog waveforms list. This noise gives a busy distorted kind of a tone which makes it sound bigger especially with the reverb which will be added later on.
5. Switch to mono and turn up your portamento to 12 'O' clock which is about 200-250ms.
6. Go into the FX tab, switch on your distortion and select hard clip and push the dry amount all the way up to about  90% and turn down the mix level a little bit. To fatten the sound add an Eq and boost the low-end a little bit with a soft Q and also compress it a little bit.
10. Add some reverb at the end of the Fx chain. Make sure to set to plate, increase the width, remove little bit of lows from the reverb.

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