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Create A Synth Lead With Pitch Bend - Xfer Serum Tutorial

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to create a synth lead with pitch bend in Serum. This one of those really versatile and staple sounds of electronic and pop music which is widely used in modern productions.

The video tutorial is accompanied by a step by step guide so it's easy for you to follow along and create it yourself. And if you would like to download our most popular pop serum preset pack, click here

Step By Step Guide: 

1. Open a new instance of Serum

2. You will only need one oscillator for this sound, which will be Juno. You can find it in the analog waveforms list.

3. Next, change the wavetable position and stop at some point that sounds smooth.  In case if you want to make it sound more gritty add an LFO to the phaser of the oscillator.

4. After this, go to LFO 1 and instead of the default basic triangle shape make it a square shape and map this to the phase of oscillator A.

5. Switch off the BPM option and set it around 30-35Hz. You can hear the new texture coming out of the particular modulation.

6. Now, add hyper/dimension with low mix level, reduce the size and add a little bit of cube distortion to taste and Eq to bring out the highs just a little bit.

7. And finally add a plate reverb with high width or you can go with anything that sounds good. Make sure to cut out the lows so that it doesn't sound muddy.

8. Finally, for the pitch-bend characteristic switch to mono and increase the portamento amount to anywhere above 30 ms so you can start hearing it.

9. If you want the sound to be less 'gritty', you can increase the frequency of the LFO and vice versa.

Hope you found the post useful. Check out for more info and music production resources like sample packs, sound banks and templates to take your productions to the next level! Thanks for checking it out. Have a great day!