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Create A Mellow Rhodes Sound Using Xfer Serum

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to create a Rhodes sound in Serum. This one of those mellow sounds often used for chords in modern and old school productions.

The video tutorial is accompanied by a step by step guide so it's easy for you to follow along and create it yourself. 

Step By Step Guide: 

1. Open a new instance of Serum.

2. On oscillator A select the Analog bd sine waveform.

3. On envelope 1 increase the decay amount to 1.8-2 seconds and increase the release to about 290-300 ms.

4. Increase the unison amount on oscillator A to 3 and reduce the detune amount completely. Also reduce the blend amount to about 11 o'clock.
After that map envelope 1 on to the wavetable position of oscillator A and reduce the amount to about 85-90.

5. Then on LFO 1 load up a basic sine wave, switch off BPM mode and set the rate to about 1 Hz. Map this to the fine tuning of oscillator A and reduce the amount drastically.

6. Next, switch on the noise oscillator and select glass lid. Switch on one shot mode, increase the pitch by a little bit and increase the level. Also switch on filter and switch it to low 24 and increase the drive.

7. Now, move to the effects section. Start with the compressor, increase the threshold amount, increase the release, increase the makeup gain. Add the chorus after that, reduce the rate, reduce the delay amount. Reduce the depth to about 10 o'clock, increase the feedback amount and increase the LPF amount. Reduce the mix amount of the chorus by a little bit.

8. Finally, add an EQ in the end, have a low cut with the Q reduced and have a high cut as per taste. Keep the Q the same to have a nice spike near the mid range.

9. To make it sound a little more unique you could play around with the fine tune LFO amount and you could even add oscillator B and go with something like basic wrd and play with the level to see what fits for you and also play with the wavetable position and there we have it.

    Hope you found the post useful. If you liked this tutorial click here to watch more sound design tutorials for Xfer Serum. 

    This sound is part of ACE Vol 2 - Pop Serum Presets, a preset pack for Serum, which is available on our website right now. Click here to get this serum preset pack. Thanks for checking it out. Have a great day!