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ACE - Pop Serum Presets For Music Producers

What is Serum?

Serum is one of the most versatile wavetable synths in the market today and is used extensively in electronic music production. Its a virtual synth developed by Xfer Records. Although the synth has tremendous capabilities, there is a long learning curve if you don't know synthesis. However, if you desire to get that pro sound which you find in most modern pop productions you can make use of Serum presets and tweak them according to your tastes and preferences or simply use them the way they are. 

ACE Serum Presets

If you want to make professional-sounding music, either you need to be really good at sound design or your preset library needs to be top notch. ACE is our series of Serum Preset Packs designed for pop music producers. All the sounds are unique and are inspired by the top charting billboard hits of the last decade. If you've been looking for how to get that modern pop synth sound, you're at the right place. 

What exactly is inside these preset packs?

Each pack within the Ace series has approximately 45 sounds, which are classified into 5 categories, namely Pads, Basses, Plucks, Leads and Chords. 

Check out the links below to audition the sounds to get a sneak peak into each pack in the ACE series. 

ACE Serum Presets - Vol 1

ACE Serum Presets - Vol 2

ACE Serum Presets - Vol 3

ACE Serum Presets - Vol 4


Why ACE?

Having the right sounds to start with and knowing how to arrange your sounds to fill the frequency spectrum can make your productions sound exponentially better. Your final masters will automatically begin to sound more like the pros if you start with great sounds. 

Not sure yet?

Although the presets were designed for pop music producers, the sounds are extremely versatile and work in various scenarios across different genres. Click here to check some more of our YouTube videos for ideas on how to use the presets in your productions. 

For a limited time you can get the entire ACE Serum Bundle with over 180 serum presets for just $47. 


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