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SMACK - Hard Kick Samples (Multi-Genre)

SMACK - Hard Kick Samples (Multi-Genre)

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A weak kick can spoil a great song! On the other hand, finding the right kick sample can be frustrating and processing it can be time consuming. Smack simplifies the process by giving you 80 premium one-shot kick samples that are already processed and completely ready for you to use in your productions. 

    Technical Details:

    SMACK is compatible with all DAWS. All files are in .WAV format

    This pack contains:

    ▶ 21    EDM Kicks    
    ▶ 25     Pop Kicks    
    ▶ 05    Stadium Kicks      
    ▶ 14    Trap  Kicks 
    ▶ 03    Thud Kicks     
    ▶ 10    Reggaeton Kicks   
    ▶ 02    Psy Kicks

    Benefits Of Using Smack Kick Samples:

    ✅  Get a tight but warm low end easily
    ✅  Processed kicks make mixing easier
    ✅  Works with all DAWs flawlessly
    ✅  Drag and Drop (ready to use)
    ✅  100% Royalty Free samples

    Pro Tip: Get your bass to complement your kick for a powerful low end. If the kick has a lot of sub, use a bass without much sub and vice versa