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Limited Offer - 100 Piano Loops with Midi Files for Only $10

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Arabia - Middle Eastern MIDI Melodies

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'Arabia' is a collection of 50 MIDI loops that capture that Middle Eastern and Arabian vibe which is currently dominating trap and hip hop music. This pack features mystical, soulful, romantic and party vibes. Get low with this diverse collection of 50 Arabian-style melody loops in midi format.


    Technical Details:

    'Arabia' is compatible with all DAWS. All files are MIDI files or .MID format. All loops in this pack are labelled with their BPM and have a root note of C. 

    This pack contains:

    ‚Ė∂¬†4 bar loops - 30¬† ¬†
    ‚Ė∂¬†8 bar loops - 20¬†

    Benefits Of Using This MIDI Pack:
    ✅  Add Arabian vibes to your songs
    ✅  Get professional results fast
    ✅  Fully customisable MIDI files
    ✅  Drag and Drop in your DAW
    ✅  100% Royalty Free files
    ✅  Works with all DAWs


    Add some ethnic vibes to your tracks by using these loops in your productions. Since all the loops are MIDI loops you have complete flexibility to modify the melodies as per your taste. 

    NOTE-1: Most loops in this pack work best with synths that are NOT velocity-sensitive. (You may need to manually adjust the note velocities if you use with a velocity-sensitive synth)

    All the loops have a root note of C. So although the scale is not mentioned, you can transpose the MIDI based on whatever is your root note. For example if you are in E, you can transpose the MIDI loop up by 4 semitones and it should sound fine.

    Pro Tip: Experiment with pitch bend on your synth. For some loops you can also try doubling the melody an octave up or down to get that rich authentic Arabian sound.

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