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Vocal Tone

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This E-book contains Industry Secrets To Getting A Radio Ready Vocal. It teaches you how to develop a vocal tone that is clear and crisp to start with and how you can further enhance it with mixing and mastering. 

It was written for singers and rappers who wish to improve their voice and also for producers who wish to get better at processing and mixing vocals on an instrumental track.

We didn't want to write an ebook which you can never finish reading. We are always about being practical and sharing information that you could use TODAY!

*This E-book is included as a free bonus in the Songwriter Bundle. 

'Vocal Tone' is a 35 page e-book which would take you less than a day to read! 

Let's face it, when you're downloading things online, do you care more about how much value you're getting in the long run or how many GB worth of data you're getting? We could have easily made this a 400 page ebook, but we like to just get straight to the point. 

This ebook is filled with details and industry secrets revealing how exactly you can achieve an amazing vocal tone. The best part is that you can immediately start implementing these techniques in your own productions. 

The book follows a start to finish approach and is about:

a) How to get that crisp singing/rapping 'voice'

b) How to record and mix vocals professionally 

c) How to mix and master on an instrumental

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate (This ebook is neither for absolute beginners nor for seasoned pros, it is for the majority of artists that lie in between these two extremities somewhere between beginners and intermediate skill levels)


01. Introduction

02. Secrets about Tone

03. DIY Recording Tips

04. DIY Mixing Tips

05. DIY Mastering Tips

06. Summary


Why buy this ebook?

✅  Save years of trial and error 'trying' to get results like the pros

✅  Improve your vocal processing skills 

✅  Understand the subtle aspects of vocal recording techniques

✅  Start to finish approach for getting a radio ready vocal tone

✅  Learn the secret techniques that no one else shares

✅  Improve your voice texture within 3-4 weeks