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Music Theory Blueprint

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Do you feel handicapped when it comes to weaving your way through your musical compositions? Music theory can often seem complicated, especially for producers who don't sing or play instruments. It's almost like a black box which you'd like to open but can't find the key! If you find music theory overwhelming, we've got exactly what you need, the 'Music Theory Blueprint'.

*This E-book is included as a free bonus in the Songwriter Bundle

Even having minimal knowledge of music theory can significantly enhance the way you compose music. But learning music theory is hard, right? Well, although there's a misconception that music theory is hard, it's actually pretty easy to develop a good understanding of the basics. Unless you're into film scoring, you don't really need to learn about complex harmonic structures, sheet music or notation. 

Grasp the fundamentals of music theory quickly and you're much better off! This E-book covers the fundamentals of music theory to help you get started with making music quickly and effortlessly.

In the music theory blueprint, concepts of pitch, notes, intervals, scales, chords and chord progressions have been explained in a simple and easy-to-follow manner.  It's intentionally kept very short and precise with no fluff (it's only 14 pages long) so you don't have to waste time reading tons of blogs and watching hours of YouTube tutorials. 

Note: This E-book is meant for beginners and NOT for seasoned pros as it does not contain advanced music theory concepts.