TRAP LEGENDS (Vol. 1) - Trap Beats Bundle - MP3, WAV and Track Outs

TRAP LEGENDS (Vol. 1) - Trap Beats Bundle - MP3, WAV and Track Outs

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Trap Legends is a collection of 10 premium Trap Beats with an unlimited non-exclusive lease agreement for commercial use. You could easily put together an E.P with this bundle. Track Outs (Stems) for each beat are included in the bundle to facilitate easy editing and customisation of the beats, mixing and mastering to get the best results. 


    Why Buy the Trap Legends Beat Bundle?

    ✅  10 Premium Trap Beats (WAV and Mp3 format)

    ✅  Track Outs (Stems) for every single beat in the bundle (WAV format)

    ✅  Commercial Use Rights so you can make profit (No Profit Cap)

    ✅  Unlimited non-exclusive lease agreement (100 years)

    ✅  Unlimited Monetised streams and Sales (No Stream Cap or Sale Cap)

    Promote, sell and distribute your songs wherever you want. There is no catch!

    Having seen so many talented artists unable to fulfil their dreams due to lack of high quality beats, we wanted to provide access to the masters as well as the track outs for flexibility in mixing and mastering according to your artistic tastes and preferences. Upload your songs made using these beats to Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, Saavn, YouTUbe and any other platform of your choice. 

    We know how hard it can be for an independent artist to make money with their music. We also believe that a great way to make money, is to help someone else make money! This bundle may not be up for long because we cannot afford to do this too often at THIS price (Each of our beats usually retails for 25$ and that's without track outs), but hey if you're looking at this right now, it might just be meant for you. Good luck and wish you the very best for your music career. 

    Note: This is a rather large download (4.32GB) so make sure you have a high speed internet connection and sufficient space on your computer.