SUNSET Vol 1 - Ukulele Loops (Audio Loops)

SUNSET Vol 1 - Ukulele Loops (Audio Loops)

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SUNSET Vol 1 is a collection of 50 premium ukulele loops specifically created for singer-songwriters and music producers to use to write new songs. The loops in this pack can help you get inspired to write amazing top line melodies which you can potentially turn into great songs. Listen to some of the loops to get an idea of what's inside.


    Technical Details:

    Sunset Vol 1 contains 50 Ukulele Loops. All files are audio files (.WAV format)

    All loops are played using real ukulele. Every loop in the pack is exactly 8 bars long, neatly labelled with BPM and Key and is perfectly loop-able. 

    Benefits Of Using Our Loops:

    ✅  Works with all DAWs flawlessly
    ✅  Get professional results fast
    ✅  Extremely easy to use
    ✅  Drag and Drop (ready to use)
    ✅  100% Royalty Free loops
    ✅  Gets you inspired quickly


    Ukulele adds a new kind of freshness and folk vibe to your track. Incorporating organic elements in your music also prevent it from sounding too "digital". Modern music is all about discovering sub genres within genres and blending influences from all over the world to create something amazing. 

    The loops in this pack have been designed using musical symmetry to get your listeners hooked. That's what makes people want to hear your songs again and again and that's how they end up falling in love with your music. 

    Pro Tip: Try using these loops to get inspired for new top line melodies 



    You are permitted to:

    • Use for yourself or on behalf of a client
    • Use in an unlimited number of commercial projects 
    • Monetize your songs or beats made using our loops

    You are not permitted to:

    • Re-sell, rent, lend, assign, gift or otherwise transfer or distribute the loops or the rights granted under this license (even for free)